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Whoa..Hey all, call me Angah..this blog is created by the need of urgency of the assignment for this 2nd, I hope all of you can give support for me..feel free to follow & I will follow u back :)

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Friday, 2 March 2012

First Idea, First Story, First Blog Entry :)

Wazzup and morning peeps..!!

Hey, am I a blogger now? Me as a blogger, never think of seriously..since this is the first time I create a blog & obviously also the first time post an entry..I will try to make it as short as possible if I can..hehe ^^,

I never think of making my own blog, plus I also don't know what blog is, seriously..yeah, true story peeps ~ I'm just a regular kampong boy but not the Kampong Boy like the one from Dato' Lat cartoon, okay? :D

You all know this cartoon, right? :)

For this entry, I think I will not post anything about my class yet, I'm just introducing officially this blog to all of, lets make it official then, OLLA EVERYBODY..come come, have a sit and enjoy. Welcome to this blog. :D

I love my friends, classmates & my lecturers :)

So, that all for my first entry..hope you all like it :) .. later, I will try to improve this blog to be better and nice for all of you..will be adding a few gadgets and some thingy more to this blog. Until then, till we all meet in another entry, gracias me amigos  ^^,