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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Adventure Into The World Of I.T

Okay, this 2nd entry is about my first class for Telecommunication & Networking .. Fuuhhh..a long name for a subject right, it suit it name because it has a long history and gave big impact in our lives..We would lost connection without the presence of these Telecom or all agree, right?


Telephone is one example of Telecommunication :)

Lets the real class begin, in our 1st class, we learned about data transmission, types of transmission and also the components.

1) Data Transmission : 
          - Data transmission is the transfer of data from point to point often represented as an electromagnetic signal over a physical point to point or point to multipoint communication channel. 

2) Types of transmission :
          - Two types, serial & parallel transmission.

Haha..I think it enough for today, right? Ops, forgot to tell you the meaning of telecommunication. It means, let me Google it first..wait......LOADING PAGE...opening Wikipedia...ahah, found it..Ok, seriously, TELE = Far Off its means communication from a long distance between two or more peoples, if it only ONE people, that what we called, CRAZY..!!! :D LOL

Make sure it is two-ways from a distance communication, okay? 

So, that all for now, I leave all of you with a great animation video. It really great, you all should check it out. This video show the funny side of HISTORY. You gonna like it.. :D

Nice video animation, huh? :)